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Tran Ngo

She came to the U.S. in 1990 and lives in San Jose.

 After the Communists took over South Vietnam in 1975 people lost their freedom and became very poor. Also, students whose fathers had been officers were not allowed to go to the university even if they had high grades. The parents who had kids in high school were very worried and at that time I was seventeen years old. Many times I saw my mom look at me and sigh.

 One day when I got home from school, I saw my mom talking anxiously to my uncle and a stranger. After they left my mom looked at me and said, "How would you feel if you lived alone?" In a second my ears felt like there were some ants crawling in there and my heart beat faster and faster. I asked, "What happened, Mom?" At first she didn't answer me, she just gave me a big hug. Then she said, "You are growing up. You have to know how to take care of yourself. I'll send you overseas." My body could not stand up I was so sad. I felt that heaven was falling. I cried a lot and couldn't sleep that night.

 I knew my mom also felt sad like me. But after much thought, I realized that my mom was going to send me overseas because she loved me. She didn't want me to have a poor life. She wanted me to have a good education and a free life.

 I'll always respect her for thinking of what was best for me even though she was miserable herself because my dad was in a concentration camp. I try to be a good kid and make her proud of me.